Support of the public by the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Group during the COVID-19 pandemic


KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. as well as all international mines of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Group and Sierra Gorda S.C.M. took a number of measures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic announced in 2020. These are shown in the graphic below:

  • Covid patient care at the hospital MCZ in Lubin
  • Temporary hospital in Legnica
  • Mobile vaccination points for employees of KGHM and others
  • Protective procedures
  • Thermal cameras
  • Disinfectant liquid
  • Masks in common-use areas
  • Personal safety measures when travelling into/out of the mines
  • Limits in employee transport vehicles
  • Informational campaign about vaccinations
  • Competitions for employees promoting vaccination
  • Continuous announcements on internal procedures and sanitary services guidelines in Company media platforms
  • Infolines for employees and dedicated e-mail addresses

In 2021, activities related to assistance for the inhabitants of, among others, the Copper Basin, but also in support of KGHM employees, continued. Special emphasis was placed on educational and informational activities, as well as mitigating the effects of the pandemic, among others by popularising and providing access to psychological advice for employees and the region’s inhabitants. The Management Board’s Medical Council made recommendations related to sanitary strictures on an ongoing basis. Mobile vaccination points were launched in late July and early August in each of the Company’s facilities. The possibility of voluntary vaccination against COVID 19 was offered not only to employees, but also to the families, friends and acquaintances of KGHM’s employees. Thanks to the campaign and the commitment of the medical staff of the Copper Health Centre (a Group company), nearly 2,200 people were vaccinated. The campaign continues in 2022.

were vaccinated

THE KGHM Polska Miedź Foundation made donations in connection with COVID-19 in 2021:

Entity Territorial
Received on Project name Donation granted PLN
Fundacja na Rzecz Umacniania Więzi Rodzinnych i społecznych NEURON+ w Warszawie (Foundation for Strengthening Family and Social Ties NEURON+ in Warsaw) Capital City of
Warsaw County
ul. Piękna 49
00-672 Warsaw
2021/02/12 Subsidising the organisation of the National Information and Education Campaign Stop Barriers – Stop COVID-19. Building an effective ecosystem for COVID-19 support for people at particular risk of the pandemic due to age and disability. Costs of maintenance of the Stop the Barriers Internet platform, work of the platform’s editorial team, fees for on-line consultations (doctor, epidemiologist, psychologist, legal advisor, consultant on administrative procedures for persons with disabilities, expansion and updating of maps, information and educational production, creation of mobile Application 2.0, costs of an information campaign spot, launch of a hotline. Project completion date is Q1-Q4 2021. 150,000
Wielospecjalistyczny Szpital Powiatowy S.A. (Multi specialty County Hospital) in Tarnowskie Góry Góry County Tarnowskie Góry Municipality Silesian Voivodship ul. Pyskowicka
42-600 Tarnowskie Góry
2021/02/12 Purchase of 5 pieces of ECG equipment to supply WSP S.A. in Tarnowskie Góry with medical equipment to combat COVID-19. 30,000
Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Mieszkańców Dzielnicy Włochy w Warszawie (Residents’ Community Association of the District of Włochy in Warsaw) Capital City of
Warsaw County
County M.St. Warszawa Mazovian
Voivodeship ul. Batalionu AK. Włochy 20B/11 02-482 Warsaw
2021/02/16 “At WMDW we support residents in 2021 – together against COVID”. Purchase of personal protective equipment: masks, disinfectant fluids, disinfectant gels, disinfectant wipes, antibacterial soap, gloves for vulnerable people – volunteers caring for the elderly and residents. Deadline for project implementation until 05.2021 (scan of application) 20,000
Caritas Diecezji Łomżyńskiej (Caritas of Łomża Diocese) Łomża County Łomża Municipality Podlaskie Voivodship
ul. Rybaki 1
18-400 Łomża
2021/02/23 Co-financing of the project titled “Chance for Health – post-Covid rehabilitation”! – co-financing of the Rehabilitation Hall through purchase of a set of specialist rehabilitation equipment necessary for rehabilitation of post-COVID-19 patients. Costs of purchasing sets of rehabilitation equipment: CARDIV system with ERT-200 treadmill, Profi L plus manual lymphatic drainage table, torsion stepper, stabilometric platform, VAST equipment, rowing machine, therapeutic massage apparatus, Aquapump, sollux lamp and ultrasound inhaler 90,000
Medycznego we Wrocławiu (Foundation of the Medical University of Wrocław) Wrocław
ul. J. Mikulicza-Radeckiego 5
2021/03/10 Purchase of personal protective equipment for 6,000 students of the Medical University of Wrocław who attend clinical classes in hospitals at patients’ bedsides. The cost of purchasing 58,080 protective aprons as part of the prevention, counteraction and eradication of COVID-19. 100,000
Szkoła Podstawowa im. K. Makuszyńskiego w Gaworzycach (K. Makuszyński Primary School in Gaworzyce) Polkowice
ul. Szkolna 211
2021/03/23 Funding for the organisation of a cycle of psychological support workshops during the Covid-19 pandemic for 50 students and 20 parents of SP Gaworzyce. Salary costs for pedagogues, psychologists and therapists. From 04 to 06.2021 5,005
Wojewódzki Szpital
Specjalistyczny w
Legnicy (Voivodeship
Specialized Hospital
in Legnica)
Legnica County
ul. Iwaszkiewicza 5
59-220 Legnica
2021/06/02 Subsidised rehabilitation of patients following COVID-19. Cardiology consultation, pulmonology, dietetics, psychology, rehabilitation, neurology, rehabilitation consults. Deadline until 06.2022 100,000
Zakład Opiekuńczo-Leczniczy dla Dzieci im. Jana Pawła II prowadzony przez Zgromadzenie Sióstr Maryi Niepokalanej w Jaszkotle (John Paul II Care and Treatment Centre for Children run by the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Sisters in Jaszkotle) Wrocław County,
Kąty Wrocławskie
Jaszkotle 21
55-080 Kąty
2021/06/10 Equipping a newly developed rehabilitation and education area to improve the fitness of school and pre-school children struggling with motor and mental disabilities and exclusion due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Costs of purchase of 2 rotors for exercising upper limbs and 2 for exercising lower limbs, a mangle for the therapy of disorders, a zigzag tunnel, a set of sports accessories, a gymnastic set, a bosu ball, costs of 4 steppers, 4 balls, 4 sensory cushions, an equipment trolley, 4 Redcord Trainer Mastery devices, a stationary bicycle, a Luiz children’s exercise device, a treadmill, costs of Universal Exercise Units – complete equipment, a table for Universal Exercise Units for exercises in rehabilitation of muscular disorders and a table for manual exercises, a gymnastics and exercise set. Deadline until 12.2021 60,000
TOTAL PLN 555,005

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., together with regional Social Assistance Centres, Caritas and local organizations, planned measures to increase the safety and comfort of the elderly in Lower Silesia. The total commitment of KGHM as part of the Solidarity Senior Aid Corps amounted to over PLN 520,000. Aid has reached over 34 thousand people.

At the Miedziowe Centrum Zdrowia (Copper Health Centre) in Lubin, which belongs to the KGHM Group, a ward for patients with coronavirus and suspected infection has been operating since early November 2020. The hospital can take more than 50 patients.

total commitment of KGHM as part of the Solidarity Senior Aid Corps amounted

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