Our values


KGHM’s values bind all employees, regardless of their position in the organisation or nationality, and are a guidepost for all decisions and actions taken.

KGHM is a company with 60 years of history, operating on the basis of deeply rooted values and principles which its employees follow in their daily work. Zero harm, teamwork, results driven, accountability and courage – these values connect all of KGHM’s employees, whether they work in mines, processing plants or metallurgical facilities, in Poland or in other parts of the world. KGHM builds its global position in the world as a reliable producer, trusted business partner and a company pursuing a sustainable development policy. All those values must co-exist, which is reflected in the diagram below:


Rules of conduct based on values developed by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Zero harm is the top priority of the Company’s value hierarchy:

  1. Protecting the lives and health of our employees is our priority.
  2. Respect for the natural environment, in particular the resources we mine in a responsible manner.
  3. The Company cares for the local communities within which it operates and maintains a dialogue with.
  4. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. puts emphasis on the continuity and stability of its operations.

Attainment of results while focusing on KGHM’s long-term success:

  1. Ambitious targets and ongoing development.
  2. Taking initiative and making extra efforts for the benefit of KGHM.
  3. Solid work using the right tools.

All Company Employees are jointly responsible for the actions taken for the benefit of our stakeholders:

  1. Acting in a transparent and socially responsible manner, abiding by the standards of the Code of Ethics.
  2. Accountability for our decisions, obligations and constant, stable development.
  3. Building long-term relationships with our business and social partners.

The Company accepts new challenges in a well thought-out manner:

  1. Employees are brave and continually face new challenges.
  2. Courageous decisions are made and new, innovative solutions are constantly sought for.

Teamwork is the basis for the Company’s success:

  1. Work is performed in teams.
  2. Respect for the views of others in a discussion.
  3. Using the talents and experience of employees.
  4. Diversity and a multi-cultural environment are valued.

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